May 9, 2019

Why you should try Brave browser right now

After just 1 hr test I switched to this browser on ALL of my devices, good bye Chrome.
What it's got

- Opensource, crossplatform
- Chromium based - very familiar experience
- Full chrome extensions support
- Seamless transition, just import everything from a Chrome profile and you do not need to re-login everywhere
- Builtin ads and trackers blocker (adjustable)
- Builtin Tor browser and Tor incognito mode
- Builtin Web-torrent
- Faster and lighter than Chrome
- Decentralized cloud bookmark sync between all your devices, no accounts
- Builtin BAT blockchain (Brave rewards) to support resources of your choice
- For me personally Brave solved a few issues with touch devices

Just amazing, give it a try right now!

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