Oct 24, 2018

Moved my tools to Github

I moved my set of SendTo_FFmpeg batches to a Github repoSo if you have issues, ideas, request, you can post them there.
There's also new AEExprTool I develop for myself. It's After Effects script for adding/removing error handling code to AE expressions in bulk. It's already a huge time saver for me. Would love to have some feedback cause I plan to make it a reliable full featured tool one day.

Oct 5, 2018


... or just 3 apps to keep you out of troubles.

Start with a simple thing - a password manager right NOW. It will take some time and effort but it will keep you safe of potential troubles/damage/losses. Those risks are constantly growing, you have to be prepared! 

You MUST keep your passwords very COMPLEX (12 - 20 random symbols in length) and UNIQUE for each single service (any one can be hacked and leak your data). You can't just keep those in your head or on a paper. You need a manager with just one MASTER password you have to remember (no paper!)
I've been using password managers for years now. So my experience is at your service in this post.